This is a preliminary program and is subject to change.

Wednesday 12th September 2018

1400 – 1600 Trade Bump-In | Concourse, Darwin Convention Centre
1400 – 1800

Royal Flying Doctors Aeromedical Simulator

Darwin Convention Centre, Porte Cochere

The RFDS Aeromedical Simulator is a life sized replica of the fuselage of a flying doctor plane. It is fully equipped with stretchers, communications, oxygen, suction and the other equipment used every day by our heroes – the doctors, nurses and pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Visitors will hear stories, land a plane, rescue a patient and climb on board, strap themselves in, and enjoy a unique experience.

1600 – 2000 SARRAH National Conference Registration | Concourse, Darwin Convention Centre
1715 – 1800

SARRAH Speed Networking Session for Students, Rural Generalist and Early Career Delegates

Meeting Room 2, Darwin Convention Centre

1800 – 2000

WELCOME RECEPTION | Concourse, Darwin Convention Centre

Welcome to the 2018 SARRAH Conference!  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet local, interstate and international delegates, the Organising Committee and our sponsors to kick start of the conference! The Welcome Reception also provides a great opportunity to meet delegates who are attending the conference for the first time.

The Welcome Reception will feature a presentation from Glenn Keys AO, Founder and Executive Chairman, Aspen Medical

Thursday 13th September 2018

0730 – 1645 Registration Open | Concourse, Darwin Convention Centre
0830 – 1500

Royal Flying Doctors Aeromedical Simulator

Darwin Convention Centre, Porte Cochere

The RFDS Aeromedical Simulator is a life sized replica of the fuselage of a flying doctor plane. It is fully equipped with stretchers, communications, oxygen, suction and the other equipment used every day by our heroes – the doctors, nurses and pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Visitors will hear stories, land a plane, rescue a patient and climb on board, strap themselves in, and enjoy a unique experience.


  OPENING PLENARY | Waterfront 1 & 2, Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
0830 – 0835 Welcome to Country
Larrakia Elder
0835 – 0845

President Address

Rob Curry, President, Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)

0845 – 0900

Ministers Address

Senator the Honourable Bridget McKenzie, Minister for Rural Health 

0900 – 0930

Changing landscapes, Changing Lives:  Time for the Allied Health Rural Generalists Pathway

Julie Hulcombe, Chief Allied Health Officer, Queensland Health

0930 – 1000

Caring for the carers: Taking burn-out prevention seriously

Dr Annmaree Wilson, Senior Clinical Psychology, CranaPlus

1000 – 1030 Morning Tea & Exhibition | Concourse, Darwin Convention Centre
Session 1 
Meeting Room 1
Session 2
Meeting Room 2
Session 3
Meeting Room 4
Session 4
Waterfront Rooms 1 & 2
Meeting Room 3
Interprofessional Education and Practice Aboriginal Health Workforce Clinical Practices and Services Workshops
1030 – 1045

Examining the influences on professional identity development in allied health students during placement in a rural and regional health service

Linda Furness

The Strength of our cultures is the strength of our future workforce

Donna Murray

Trialling a ‘whole-of-person’ approach for improving rural-retention of early-career allied health professionals

Rachael Cooper

Transitioning 2 sub-acute: a collaborative approach to improving allied health sub-acute rural and regional services

Jennifer Finch

45 Minute Workshop

Where Am I, What’s My Login?
Building a survival toolkit in changing space and time

Lenny Aronsten

1045 – 1100

Preparing for the interprofessional landscape: a program facilitating collaboration between physiotherapy and radiography students

Lani DeSilva

‘Staying strong inside and outside’: Perspectives of Aboriginal families with Machado Joseph Disease

Jennifer Carr

Checking out the landscape: The experiences of a Grade 1 physiotherapists from a major tertiary Hospital rotating through a remote hospital and the positive impact on recruitment

Sally Barrett

Scaling up at speed: accelerating workforce change through a regional approach

Anne Buckley

1100 – 1115

Interprofessional learning using escape rooms

Narelle Campbell

Developing viable allied health service and workforce development models in rural and remote Aboriginal communities

Donna-Maree Towney

Evaluation of an Early Career Support Cluster

Daniel Baker

Families know best – Early childhood intervention in remote Northern Territory communities

Hannah Johnston

1115 – 1130

The RIPES Time is here – Piloting an inter-professional student education model

Steve Cardell

Cultural Responsiveness in Action: Transforming the health workforce

Donna Murray

The what and where of workforce gaps: perspectives from rural/remote QLD practitioners and managers

David Wellman

The changing landscape of palliative care and implications for allied health clinicians

Deidre Morgan

1130 – 1145

Bottom-Up Schools: Using technology in rural and remote schools to support child regulation for improved learning and social outcomes

Dagney Hopp

The 5 Human Rights Strategies to Close the Gap

Amanda Jackson

Changing the way we do things: generalist allied health assistant roles in rural Central Queensland

Kerri-Anne Von Deest

The Northern Australia Research Network: Building evidence-informed services for Functioning, Disability and Health in northern Australia

Kylie Stothers

1145 – 1200

Working in a bubble: the experiences and meaning of professional isolation from the perspective of health professionals working in rural and remote Western Australia

Jodi Smith

Evaluation of health service student programs in a primary health and culturally responsive framework: Service learning in Mt Magnet, Western Australia

Kathryn Fitzgerald

Lightning Talks (Five minute presentations)

Exploration of a transdisciplinary children service model delivered by rural generalists

Hannah Christensen

Changing service models to fit our landscape: a rural allied health assistant model

Lisa Baker

Allied health assistant led post-acute telehealth clinics for remote communities

Clare Herring 

45 minute Workshop

Innovative approaches to building Pain Management Service capacity in rural and remote locations

Rachel Kovacevic

1200 – 1205

Clinical Handover: effectiveness and perception in interprofessional simulation education

Clare Sutton

Aboriginal children and young people in Out of Home Care accessing health assessments in regional Victoria; A project evaluation identifying challenges and hope for change

Werner Vogels

Investing in our rural workforce: transforming the support provided to early graduate Physiotherapists

Robyn Gill

45 Minute Workshop

Stay Strong – Using Technology to Increase Access to Wellbeing Support for Indigenous Australians

Christabel Lewis & Josie Povey

1205 – 1210

Enhancing the Pathway to Allied Health – Make the change early in your career

Hilary Byrth

The Quinine Aboriginal allied health assistants project: Changing lives in rural and remote NSW

Kim Bulkeley

Doing something with nothing – Marketing Allied Health in the Far West

Rebecca Smith

1210 – 1215

Changing models for undergraduate student placements: Interprofessional education through Service Learning

Kelly Thurlow

Square peg into round hole: questioning the appropriateness of 24hour dietary recalls for Indigenous children

Sarah Ryan

1215 – 1220

Capability and Competence to identify and respond to eating disorders

Hilary Smith

Developing a Student Speech Pathology Service with an Aboriginal Medical Service

Belinda Goodale

1220 – 1225

Taking Tracheostomy Care across the Territory

Jaya Thomas

Kicking goals – goal setting within the remote Aboriginal community context

Michelle Antoine

1225 – 1230
1230 – 1330 Lunch & Exhibition | Concourse, Darwin Convention Centre
Session 5
Meeting Room 1
Session 6
Meeting Room 2
Session 7
Meeting Room 4
Session 8
Waterfront Rooms 1 & 2

Meeting Room 3
 Working cross-culturally NDIS Clinical services and models of care Workshops
1330 – 1345

Ŋayaŋu ḏälthirri: ‘Being courageous’ in the face of changing communication associated with Machado Joseph Disease

Rebecca Amery

Telepractice and the NDIS: a conduit, not a quickfix

Edward Johnson

Needs based planning and systems thinking in responding to complex service delivery needs in rural and remote communities

Fiona Brooke

Lightning Talks (Five minute presentations)

Staying Steady in the Straits: Using the Calderdale Framework to develop a skill sharing service model to address balance and falls in remote communities of the Torres Strait

Betty Mareko

Development of a transdisciplinary diabetes model of care in a rural service

Cristal Newman

Enabling change through the key contact service delivery model in the Katherine region

Rebecca McGrath

45 Minute Workshop

Delegating to Allied Health Assistants – how can education of our health professionals impact outcomes in delegation models of care

Melody Shepherd

1345 – 1400

The challenges of appropriate service provision with Aboriginal people with disability from remote communities in Central Australia

Heather Jensen

Embracing the NDIS!

Tanya Whiteley

Investigating a public-private partnership model of physiotherapy service delivery in a rural setting: a qualitative study

Emily Farquhar

Lightning Talks (Five minute presentations)

Embedding a Compression Garment Service Model: Improving access to lymphoedema services through sustainable workforce redesign in rural and regional facilities

Fiona Hall

Changing inpatient rehabilitation ward to an enriched environment for rural patient

Bronwyn Connelly

TEHS Renal Service Occupational Therapy Role

Joan Crombie

1400 – 1415

Culturally safe and accessible service development; An Occupational therapy and Home and Community Care partnership

Robyn Glynn

New learning program sees guardianship matters fast tracked

Sue Steele-Smith

Innovative partnership makes rehabilitation service provision a reality in Central West Queensland

Steve Cadell

Exploration of a new rural hospital service model; an Allied Health led Fracture Clinic

Hannah Christensen

1415 – 1430

Participation of children with disabilities in a remote Northern Territory community

Hannah Johnston

Moving beyond Chronic Disease: the benefits of placing Chronic Disease Care Coordination in a non-clinical setting

Annie Farthing

Minimising Medication Misadventure in Rural Communities: Bridging the Gap between General Practitioners and Medication Reviews

Eunice Fu

1430 – 1500 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition | Concourse, Darwin Convention Centre
  PLENARY SESSION | Waterfront 1 & 2, Level 2
1500 – 1545

NDIS Panel Session

Rob Curry, President, Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)


  • Edward Johnson, Speech Therapist, Marathon Health
  • Jeff Cook, CEO Lanyhapuy, Homelands Health Service
  • Donna-Maree Towney, Project Officer, Indigenous Allied Health Australia
1545 – 1615

Flying Doctor Research in remote Australia: what’s the data telling us

Dr Fergus Gardiner, Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)

1800 Royal Flying Doctors Service Site Visit & Stokes Hill Wharf Networking Event 
SARRAH invites delegates to get together for this casual networking opportunity, please click here for further details.
An entry fee of $15 applies, pre-registration is required

Friday 14th September 2018

0800 – 1700 Registration Open | Darwin Convention Centre
0830 – 1600

Royal Flying Doctors Aeromedical Simulator

Darwin Convention Centre, Porte Cochere

The RFDS Aeromedical Simulator is a life sized replica of the fuselage of a flying doctor plane. It is fully equipped with stretchers, communications, oxygen, suction and the other equipment used every day by our heroes – the doctors, nurses and pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Visitors will hear stories, land a plane, rescue a patient and climb on board, strap themselves in, and enjoy a unique experience.

  DAY 2 PLENARY  | Waterfront 1 & 2, Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
0830 – 0845

Reflection / Outcomes from Day 1

Jeff House, CEO, Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)

0845 – 0915 SARRAH Bishop Address 
Professor Susan Nancarrow, Southern Cross University
0915 – 0945

National Rural Generalist Pathway – “Application of pathway principles for Allied Health professionals”

Emeritus Professor Paul Worley, Australian National Rural Health Commissioner

0945 – 1015

Keynote Presentation

Professor John Wakerman, Associate Dean, Flinders University Northern Territory

1015 – 1045 Morning Tea & Exhibition | Concourse
PLENARY SESSION | Waterfront 1 & 2, Level 2
1045 – 1130

Keynote Presentation

Donna Murray, CEO, IAHA

1130 – 1200

‘Doing what suits’: Sharing stories of culturally responsive practice in research

Rebecca Amery, School of Health, Charles Darwin University ; Julie Winungmurra, Yolgnu researcher

1200 – 1230

Every eye, is an eye – but every journey is different: An insight into The Foundation’s culturally responsive eye care models

Jaki Adams-Barton, Regional Associate Director – Australasia, The Fred Hollows Foundation 

1230 – 1330 Lunch & Exhibition | Concourse
Session 9
Meeting Room 1
Session 10
Meeting Room 2
Session 11
Meeting Room 4
Session 12
Waterfront Rooms 1 & 2
Session 5
Meeting Room 3
 Pipeline Rural generalism  Thinking about health system users Technology and digital health systems Workshops
1330 – 1345

Get them while they are young! A Student Health Academy Promoting Careers for Rural High School Students

Kathryn Fitzgerald

Outcomes of the Queensland Health rural generalist training position strategy 2014-2016

Ilsa Neilson

Collaborative approach for implementing cognitive and delirium Care in the Top End

Deidre Widdall

An evaluation of service outcomes, costs, and consumer engagement following implementation of telepractice services for the clinical assessment of dysphagia

Lisa Baker

60 minute workshop

PALS Intercultural Support

Naomi Havens

1345 – 1400

Predicting the future health workforce – finding leaks in the pipeline

Claire Seaman

Accreditation of rural generalist education programs for the allied health professions

Kylie Woolcock

Perceptions of health practitioners and service managers of disability services in their community

David Wellman

Achieving Equity, Effectiveness and Efficiency – Digital health in Allied Health

Angela Firth

1400 – 1415

Tracking change on the rural workforce landscape: a longitudinal study of allied health recent graduates

Tony Smith

Lightning Talks (Five minute presentations)

Implementing physiotherapy rural generalist training positions: practical learnings from NSW, QLD and NT supervisors

Katheryn Farry

Rural Generalist Program

Rebecca Le, Jessica Garner

Early Career Torres Strait Islander Physiotherapist working for Torres & Cape Hospital & Health Service

Betty Mareko


What can Allied Health Professionals do about Aged Care Oral Health?

Leonard Crocombe

Telerehabilitation: Supporting Change in SA Health

Chris Leung

1415 – 1420

Health careers to try – changing lives for the future

Susan Witt

Allied Health Rural Generalist Trainee Positions (AHRGTP); a remote Torres Strait Islands / FNQ experience

Kiah Peterie

Barriers to health equality for Karen refugees in regional Victoria, Australia: a scoping review

Lisa Davenport

Oral Presentation (15 minutes)

Tele-audiology: A digital solution to a clinical problem

Amanda Wilson

1420 – 1425

Changing the approach to training rural Allied Health student supervisors: an innovative blend!

Darlene Wyatt

How does the Allied Health Rural Generalist Training Pathway affect chronic workforce challenges in western New South Wales?

Ellen McMaster

A retrospective audit of best possible medication histories (BPMH) and communication by pharmacist with patients from remote areas

Phoebe Thompson

1425 – 1430

Home is where the heart is

Liana Bryant

Changing Landscapes: The Advanced Generalist; Improving career structure for rural physiotherapists

Kelly Thurlow

Strong Foundations – child, family, community and environmental toxins

Emma Nunan

1430 – 1435

Preparing the next generation for the changing landscape: Physiotherapy students’ learning through community engagement programs

Cassandra Small

Implementing quality services in rural health: The workforce challenges of improving Physiotherapy in the Emergency Department at Mount Isa Hospital

Bonnie Collins

Experiences of navigating the aged care landscape in Far North Queensland; a carers perspective

Rachel Quigley

Oral Presentation (15 minutes)

Changing connections: parent/caregiver engagement and therapeutic alliance in paediatric teletherapy

Glenn Fairweather

60 minute workshop

The Dementia Experience: Immersive Simulated Learning

Kathryn Fitzgerald

Please note this session will run until 1530.


1435 – 1440

GROW Rural: an innovative Queensland trans-disciplinary rural immersion for undergraduate health students

Andrew Hayward

Establishment of speech pathology services in a remote Australian hospital

Amanda O’Keefe

Who is the Tooth Fairy’s best friend?

Cathryn Carboon

1440 – 1445

Rural health workforce training in New Zealand: Help and hindrance to sustainability and high quality care

Jane George

‘What do you mean?’ Preliminary Image Evaluation in Rural North Queensland

Rose McWilliam

Exploring the Occupational Experiences of Livestock Farmers during Drought: A Narrative Inquiry

Kirsty Healing

1445 – 1450

Changing placement landscapes: an alternative undergraduate student placement model

Kelly Thurlow

A multidisciplinary scientist workforce pathway supporting regional Australian Clinical Physiology service provision

Megan Harbourne

Burns Occupational Therapy —providing burn rehabilitation to remote Indigenous patients in the Top End

Jennifer O’Neill

Robotic rehabilitation: A public regional health service model of care

Andrea Voogt

1450 – 1455

Going Rural Health Program: changing student placements for the better

Claire Salter

Allied Health Rural Generalist Training Positions- Changing healthcare in the country

Jaclyn Muscio

South Australian rural women’s perspectives and experiences of being physically active – different landscapes, shared experiences?

Jessica Muller

Massive Online Open Courses as a way of engaging rural health professionals and communities in open discussions about death and dying

Lauren Miller-Lewis

1455 – 1500

Providing a Kick Start to Rural Health through Student Led Services

Alex Lalovic

Rural generalist training positions: a “how to” guide

Ilsa Nielsen

Cleft management in the Northern Territory: a review of the past 17 years (2000 – 2017)

Celina Lai

Chronic Condition Psychologist: implementing a new service in rural Queensland

Lisa Baker


1500 – 1505

Rural health workforce training in New Zealand: Help and hindrance to sustainability and high quality care

Jane George

Using Simulated Patients to Enhance Basic Life Support Training for Allied Health Students

Jodi Ullrich

1505 – 1510

Best practice management of the hemiplegic upper limb: Utilising audio-visual technology and a skilled facilitator to provide education to clinicians in regional Victoria

Thao Nguyen

1510 – 1545 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition | Concourse
CLOSING PLENARY | Waterfront 1 & 2, Level 2
1545 – 1630 Conference Close
1900 – late

SARRAH ‘A Touch of the Tropics‘ Gala Dinner | Skycity Lawns

Coach transfers will be available from the Vibe Hotel at 1830, followed by a pick up at the Mantra Pandanas at 1840.  Return transfers will be available at the end of the evening.