Electronic posters (ePosters) will be prepared in PowerPoint and displayed for the duration of the conference on the Delegate App and on flat screen monitors in the trade and catering area. Poster slides will rotate automatically and each will be shown for one minute duration at a time. Delegates will be able to pause individual posters to view them in more detail.

ePosters Due: COB 29th August 2018

ePoster Slide Upload
Please use the template and instructions below to prepare you ePoster slide. Ensure your submission is named with the conference name and the last and first name of the first (submitting) author: SARRAH2018_Lastname_Firstname

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ePoster Abstracts:  Your word abstract document will also be included in the Delegate App.  You can use this document for additional information such as references.  If you wish to update your abstract please send it to the SARRAH 2018 secretariat at mail@conferencedesign.com.au.

ePoster Number Title Author
Aboriginal Health
1 Aboriginal children and young people in Out of Home Care accessing health assessments in regional Victoria; A project evaluation identifying challenges and hope for change Werner Vogels
2 Using the cultural appeal of bush tucker to market healthy food Maxine Daley
Clinical practices and service
3 It’s life, but not as we know it…OT in the Top End Debbie Roe
4 Adjusting for ACEs: services for rural children with Adverse Childhood Experiences Philippa Crooks
5 Understanding and meeting the needs of rural and regional radiotherapy patients with educational multimedia Amelia Wan
Community engagement
6 Changing lives: one smile at a time! Cathryn Carboon
Cross cultural service provision
7 Supporting Refugees in Health Career Pathways Lucy Whelan
8 Research recruitment processes for Aboriginal participants with acquired brain impairment- expanding practices to enhance understanding Rebecca Smith
9 Cultural Mentoring for Students on Clinical Placement: A critical component of learning and practice Kathryn Fitzgerald
Interprofessional education
10 Interprofessional education: an allied health graduate case study in the Northern Territory Justine Williams
11 Teaching and Assessment of Clinical Reasoning of Health Science Students on Clinical Placement: A Systematic Literature Review Kathryn Fitzgerald
12 Remote education for allied health professionals in Queensland-REAHPQ: transforming early Intervention services through inter-professional education Kristine Kelly
13 Developing intentional interprofessional practice on the West Coast Jane George
14 A regional perspective: changing the landscape of interprofessional management of mental health disorders Tina Janes
15 The Allied Health and Nursing Education Outreach Program – Reaching Out Across the State Helen Codman
16 Taking Tracheostomy Care across the Territory Jaya Thomas
Needs of Specific consumers or consumer groups
17 Thriving Health – Wellbeing for now and into the future Melinda Alley
18 Bariatric Specialist Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Service (Phone B-A-R-I) Peter Young
19 The Changing Landscape of Oral Health Leonard Crocombe
20 Communities Driving Change: A co-design approach to access allied health services Sian Draffin
21 The changing landscape of physiotherapy student clinical placements: An exploration of geographical distribution and student outcomes across settings Catherine Johnston
Rural generalism
22 A case study of the rural generalist-consultant allied health model in the NDIS Gabrielle Byrne
23 Understanding and promoting clients’ communication skills – a priority for all health professionals Tina Janes
Service delivery models
24 Responding to centrifugal emergency incidents and extreme acts of violence Sonia Morshead
25 Revitalising child development outreach services for children in rural North Queensland: the evaluation Melissa Smith
26 Changing the landscape of our rural workforce – Establishing a network of Burns Link Therapists for Country South Australia – the (not so) secret to our success Joanne Lawson
27 Mealtime dangers; assessing food allergy practices within a sub-regional hospital Elizabeth Walker
Technology and digital health systems
28 Changing the rehabilitation journey across SA through telehealth Chris Leung
29 Using telehealth technology to optimise access to high risk foot services in the rural setting Diane White
30 Electronic records and telehealth facilitate safe, equitable and quality dietetics care closer to home to remote Torres Strait communities Kiah Peterie
31 Rural eMeds: achieving Smarter Safer Better approaches to medications Miriam Tan
32 Stories from Experience, a new portal for safe storytelling Hilary Smith
33 Measuring balance in children aged 4 to 12 years of age using the Balance Master: Normative values and associations Jessica Kolic
Training and professional development
34 Using The Calderdale Framework to implement a work based education programme for the Support Workers, within the CREST at CDHB Vicki Prout
35 Best practice management of the hemiplegic upper limb: Utilising telehealth to provide education to clinicians in regional Victoria Thao Nhuyen
36 Strengthening the rural Occupational Therapy workforce: An inter-agency partnership creating accessible professional development Alina Roper
37 Streamlining tutorials for CERT IV AHA students placed at Monash Health Lucy Whelan
38 AHA Workforce Professional Development – unmet demand Lucy Whelan
39 Mental Health Response Box – A toolbox for all organisations Deborah Reveley
40 Don’t mind my pyjamas – Can I borrow your toothbush? Kate Pollard