Kicking goals – goal setting within the remote Aboriginal community context

Miss Michelle Antoine1, Miss Kate Pollard1

1Northern Territory Government, Katherine, Australia


Identifying and setting goals within the remote allied health and disability sector is a challenge, however, when done correctly is rewarding and guides clients to better outcomes. In the complex context of remote Aboriginal health, the reasons for referral are often only a small part of someone’s life. The recognition of this along with differing cultural perspectives on health and disability, language barriers and competing priorities are essential to setting appropriate client-centred goals.
Our team of allied health professionals provide community health, disability and aged care services to individuals in remote Aboriginal communities across the Katherine region. We strive to provide client-centred and culturally safe services, a key component of which is the collaborative identification and formation of meaningful and achievable goals.
We are continually adapting our approach to goal setting based on positive client outcomes seen in practice. To be successful with goal setting within the remote Aboriginal community context requires consideration of; relationship and rapport building, engagement of the correct people, open discussion, use of visual supports, and flexibility of practice.


Kate Pollard is a Speech Pathologist working as part of the NT Office of Disability, Top End remote (Katherine Region) team.