This is community and allied health – strengthening the way we work

Joshua W Freeman

South West Hospital and Health Service, 44-46 Bungil Street, Roma 4455,

The South West Hospital and Health Service Community and Allied Health Division is made up of over 170 staff providing both inpatient and outpatient services to close to 30,000 people in South West Queensland.  In late 2015 and early 2016 the Division went through an organisational redesign aligning its organisational architecture to support services delivered at the clinical coalface. Culture and structure are important to establish and maintain clarity of practice.  The change in organisational architecture was compelled by the lack of cultural affinity staff felt by a structure that did not support their work practices.  There is clear evidence of the link between leadership and a range of important outcomes within health services (West, 2015).  It was for this reason reforming services focused on geographic and service wide models to drive a supportive culture of performance.  Organisational change is challenging and the key was to establish a clear purpose for change that people could understand.  The core components of the change management process were driven by the C4 Pillars which represent Clients, Clinicians, Clarity and Consistency.  Outcomes of the change included cementing workforce performance outcomes, capability and development, strategic plan objectives and government programs into every day work practices to drive a culture of excellence in rural and remote community and allied health services.


Josh Freeman has a background in public and not-for-profit leadership roles. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Post Graduate Certificate in Medicines Management (University of Otago) and a Master of Business Administration (University of South Australia). Josh is passionate about transformational leadership and has interests in organisational culture. Josh is a Graduate of the AustralianInstitute of Company Directors, is a member of the Australian Institute of Management, has completed the Queensland Health Emerging Clinical Leaders Program and has recently attended the European Summer School for Advanced Management (ESSAM) through Loughborough University (UK).