Lets talk about sex, baby!

Inga Alexander

1Occupational Therapist for Central Queensland and Central West; Queensland Health, Level 2 – Allied Health Department Rockhampton Hospital, Rockhampton, Q. 4700 Inga.Alexander@health.qld.gov.au

With health care becoming more diverse, sexuality has become acknowledged as a part of human nature and viewed as a fundamental aspect of human behaviour, a vital component of human identity and an irreducible component of human personality. There is no doubt that individual attitudes and behaviours concerning sexuality and practices have a direct impact on physical health, mental health and psychosocial health. Yet, even with this acknowledgement, there are limited quantities of literature related to the incorporation of sexuality in the provision of an effective health service.

It is time that treating health professionals, the Department of Health and Ageing and all levels of the Australian government reflect and acknowledge sexuality and individual diversity, adapting their practices to support all individuals across Australia. In this continually evolving nation that promotes equality and freedom, it is time to create awareness, promote understanding and encourage discussion around sexuality.

It does not matter what type of health profession you are from or where you are located across this vast continent, it is time to acknowledge the need to self reflect,  educate and contribute to this fundamental aspect of human health.

The intention of this poster is to help stop health professionals ‘beating around the bush’, create awareness, discussion and acknowledge that there really is no topic more contemporary, completely life altering and relevant nationwide than that of sex and sexuality.